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TransparenTerra users are conscious consumers who understand that every action they take has consequences for their health and the planet. The TransparenTerra community welcomes people who are keen to know everything about the products and services they buy and how they affect the environment.

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On TransparenTerra, you can:

  • purchase quality and sustainable products and services directly from companies;
  • receive verified information about production, the origin of raw materials, and the environmental footprint of the businesses, products, and services you choose;
  • compensate for your carbon footprint to mitigate your environmental impact;
  • blog and share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback with other users;
  • participate in webinars and online conferences;
  • join an expert community of like-minded people.
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TransparenTerra is a reputation-based platform. Our users are welcome to rate, leave feedback, and share information about the products and services they buy.
Your ratings and feedback are crucial for the sustainable companies on TransparentTerra.

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How do I become a TransparenTerra user?
Just sign up and join TransparenTerra.
Our community welcomes respectable and conscious members.
Some services are available for verified users only.

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To be verified on TransparenTerra, you have to fill out our extended form and send us a request. We may also direct your verification requests to other TransparenTerra verified users or experts associated with your email address.