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ESG professional Investors on TransparenTerra have access to verified and accurate data on projects and businesses that need support or are seeking investments. Visualization, transparency, and data trustworthiness help investors make decisions that will change the world for the better.

Investing in sustainable development impacts our future. TransparenTerra welcomes ESG professional investors who are looking for companies and projects that are willing to share their verified data, processes, and plans.

On TransparenTerra, you can:

  • get access to companies’ ESG scores;
  • request a sustainability due diligence test of a particular company;
  • sign an agreement directly on the platform using blockchain notarization;
  • invest in tokenized shares or assets around the world;
  • сooperate with the TransparenTerra expert community;
  • сreate your own professional communities;
  • blog and share your experience;
  • organize and host webinars and online conferences.

You can become an investor only by receiving a special invitation. You can get it either from TransparenTerra or from an expert or ESG professional investor who has already registered and has expert or professional investor status on TransparenTerra.

To get an invitation from TransparenTerra, you need to complete the registration form, attach documents confirming your competence and level of expertise, and submit a request. We can also direct your invitation requests to other TransparenTerra experts associated with your email address.

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