YouExpertRole: rExpert

Experts are independent members of our community who provide advice, assessment, and consulting to other —Āommunity members.

We invite you to join the first global professional community of sustainability experts!

Experts play a principal role in the TransparenTerra ecosystem. Consulting companies and professional and certified sustainability experts gather here to:

  • Advise business owners on the sustainability of their organizations and products;
  • Help ESG investors do due diligence on the sustainability of companies that interest them;
  • Invite other experts and expand the professional network.

You can become an expert only by receiving a special invitation. You can get it either from TransparenTerra or from an expert who has already registered and has expert status on TransparenTerra.

To get an invitation from TransparenTerra, you need to complete the registration form, attach documents confirming your competence and level of expertise, and submit a request. We can also direct your invitation requests to other TransparenTerra experts associated with your email address.

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