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You Business Role: r Business

Businesses on TransparenTerra provide sustainable services, products, and share information on the raw materials they use and their manufacturing and shipping processes. Certifications, peer reviews, original eco-friendly products, and services are concentrated here.

You Business Role: r Business

The TransparenTerra community welcomes businesses that strive to become truly sustainable and want to demonstrate their proactive position to a like-minded community.

On TransparenTerra, you can:

  • connect to experts that can help you improve the sustainable performance of your business and production
  • tokenize your company and products
  • attract ESG professional investors around the world
  • leverage a global marketplace of sustainable products and services
  • buy off-set certificates to mitigate your company’s environmental impact
  • sell off-set certificates if your company has an approved status for an offset project.
You Business Role: r Business

Harness TransparenTerra’s approved methodology for ESG score calculation.
Calculate the environmental footprint of your company and products.
Learn how to improve it.
Calculate your company's ESG score and prove your sustainability to partners, investors and consumers.

You Business Role: r Business

To become a member of the TransparenTerra Sustainable Business Community, a company must receive an invitation. You can request from TransparenTerra directly or join us through an invitation from an expert or store already registered on the platform.

You Business Role: r Business

To receive an invitation from TransparenTerra, fill out our registration form, attach certificates and other documents confirming the status and activities of your company, and send us your request.