Design TransparenTerra ed to Restore Trust
Wh at is TransparenTerra?

TransparenTerra is a cloud platform that makes sustainability efforts measurable and improvable. Progressive digital initiatives and the circular economy projects become visible and notable. An ESG calculator, blockchain-based solutions, and other digital tools guarantee a trustworthy environment and secure vibe.

Who needs TransparenTerra?

TransparenTerra brings together like-minded people who are concerned about the future of the planet and the prosperity of future generations.

TransparenTerra enables

  • businesses to demonstrate and prove their transparency;
  • a community of experts to build a resilient environment for sustainable projects and investments;
  • professional investors to find sustainable projects by leveraging approved ESG rates;
  • users to make the best choices for themselves and the planet.
Who created TransparenTerra?

FCE Group AG (Switzerland) and a group of enthusiasts across the world created the TransparenTerra project. The idea of using innovative technologies to make the world more fair and trustworthy has driven developers to invent and create an advanced digital platform for consulting, investing, communication, training, promotion, environmentally-friendly trading, and shopping.

Wh y TransparenTerra?

To save the world and ensure a sustainable future, each of us must act consciously. Therefore, to change the world for the better, we need ESG principles, research, roadmaps, and tools. TransparenTerra’s experts and analysts will help reduce CO2 emissions, find suitable renewable energy sources, and foster regenerative agriculture, conscious consumption, and a circular economy.

Transparen Terra supports SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, is crucial for humanity.

Transparenterra makes sustainability visible and measurable, and therefore improvable.
Its vast network of professionals and broad range of digital tools can help define the bottlenecks within current economic models and find the best solutions to fix them.

The Gateway to theFuture Joinus to become a part of a sustainable world!

TransparenTerra brings together people, projects, and companies to make the world a better place, openly and honestly, by demonstrating their core values.
We believe that enthusiasts, good deeds, and aspirations will shape a better future.

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